Pura Financial LLC

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Equipment You Need At A Price You Can Afford

Financing is the key to paying for your equipment as efficiently and conveniently as possible

Easy and Effortless Application Process

We believe that applying for credit should be hassle-free. Apply online at any time.

All applicants are considered

Our goal is to help businesses of all sizes. From low credit scores to bankruptcy, we consider all applicants.

Quick Credit Decision

Most credit decisions are made within 1 business day.


We understand the importance of investing smart and saving money when building a business. Our financing programs require a minimal initial investment to get the equipment you need and you can comfortably spread your payments out over time. This allows you to preserve your working capital for the operation and growth of your business while focusing on profiting before having to pay a dime.

Affordable Monthly Payments

Minimal Upfront Costs

Tax Advantages

Quick Credit Decisions


Section 179 Benefits

Section 179 allows small and medium-sized business owners to elect to deduct the cost of qualifying equipment from their annual tax return. Businesses with purchases and/or finances less than $1,080,000 in qualifying equipment during the 2022 tax year should qualify for the IRS 179 Deduction.

Buyer Application Process

At Pura Financial, we believe that applying for credit should be easy and effortless. No matter the industry you are in, we will strive to get you the all funds you need to grow your business. 

Apply today and enjoy our low monthly payments and flexible terms!